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Scooter Agility, Time-Attack.


My entry for A Game By It's Cover 2016 .


Use of a gamepad is highly recommended.


Music by Calined

Download the soundtrack

Famicase by U井T吾


Check out my other projects @watchyrstep



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Scoot.Scoot x64 79 MB


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When I start a game, the scooter will start bouncing around it's unplayable.

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Try lowering your graphics setting, that worked for me. Seems like the physics might be affected by frame rate ?

Thought the game was fun! Wished it had a free mode though. Or was less constrained. Covered the game on my channel. It's here if you want to check it out!

First Impressions & Gameplay


I'm looking forward to trying this on 64b linux when it gets ported. Looks great.


Still as fun as when it came out <3

I played this game on my channel and had loads of fun. I hope this gets made into a full game so I can play MORE!!! :D


Absolutely love it! More tracks and variety coming I hope! :) I just have to tip you on this!

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Thanks! Really appreciate it! The whole thing is undergoing upgrade/overhaul at the moment so new content is quite far off. You can check the progress on my Twitter and Cartrdge as it happens if you're interested!

Cool, will do. Thanks!

This game was a lot of fun!

This is a game that takes a bit of time getting used to but its very satisfying when you don't completely screw up a turn!

This tickled my recent love of The Fast and the Furious. Also, I found a weird meditative quality to having to control my speed and not gun it the whole time while that fun music played in the background. Good stuff

when i try to play with gamepad its like my mouse is interfering and the bike bounces all over the place.

Sorry about this, it's a preformance issues that will be fixed once the game moves beyond prototype stage! Thanks for your interest! You could try lowering resolution and disabling v-sync this has improved it for some people.

i will give that a try.

Oh i love this game! Love the music, love the controls, love the art style... Love, love, love! :D Pls make this a full game! :D

Thanks! I'm now resolved to resume work on this. I wanted to let this dust settle and see how I felt about it. You can follow my progress on twitter if you're interested @watchyrstep!

If you want to play a game that has a crazy amount of challenge to it, this is probably a good pick.The movement was pretty hard to get the hang of so it would be nice if that part was a tad bit more "fine tuned". However, the graphics and music were a nice touch. This game may have led to a few rage quits but by the end it did leave me laughing.

Hah! It shouldn't be like this at all, it should be smooth like in the gif! Sorry! It's a performance related issue that will be ironed out once the game moves beyond prototype. Thanks for your video, hope you had some fun despite it not working correctly for you!

Can you make a 32 bit versoin pls

Hello! I had a lot of fun playing this, and the scooter was all crazy! Yeah I raged a little bit, but it was all in good fun. Looking forward to any possible future games!


My kinda game with a flip-floppy character and epic gameplay, and I would give you some money dude, but I'm 15 and have no way to give you any.

Hey don't sweat it! This wasn't done for profit, knowing people enjoy it is worth more!

Also, I closed my game to open Camista to record, opened the game after camista failed to open and now it runs at like 0.5 FPS. Do you know haw to fix?

No idea sorry! A reboot normally fixes that kinda thing for me, I'd reccomend shadowplay for recording gameplay if you have an nvidia card!

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For a very colorful and unique scooter game it's really fun to play! Was having a bit of difficulty at first but got the hang of it over time, and not the best of scoring either but that's fine! I don't think its possible to beat the top 46 second mark anyways XP. Really interested in playing more games that you guys make and hopefully more scooters in the future!

I also made a Lets play, if you're interested then here ya go~!

Thanks for your comments! I'll check the video out! Someone's been hacking the scoreboard to get those times! Thanks for the heads up.

Aw that kinda sucks about the hacking scores. But hope your having a nice week and just thank you for sharing the game! <3

Absolutely hilarious! I swear i got the most unstable scooter of them all!

check it out here!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bhgRy-fENk

hey, would you be able to make a 32-bit version of this game? it looks heaps awesome but i can't play it :/

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