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Unreal Engine Game Jam - April 2016

Take on the role of a giant bee and pollinate 10 giant flowers before the sun sets.

Music : Sappheiros - Timeless

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Published333 days ago
TagsAbstract, bee, unreal-engine


Bee.Game (302 MB)


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Great colors!

Couldn't really figure out how to collect things though :)

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Thanks for playing! You're right it would make more sense to collect pollen from the flowers than have to go back to the hive!

My focus in this jam was to experiment with Diagetic UI. Bee colour represents pollen 'ammo' and the antennas always point towards what you should be focusing on (pollinating or refuelling on pollen, timer is based on sky colour/sun position)

If I have to explain it it didn't work!

Well I realized there was a state change when my bee's butt changed colors, I thought brown means "empty" because the yellow was a richer color but I wasn't sure because I didn't realize I was shooting pollen and was trying to collect.

Later when I collected pollen - at least that's what I think I did - the butt became yellow again, so that was clear then.

Knowing the mission and how flower-bee relationships work isn't something the brown/yellow butt was trying to teach, which means it didn't fail. :)